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Student organizations greatly enhance the law student experience by providing an opportunity to connect with a community of students who share common interests and goals. HLS has groups that gather around legal interest areas, hobbies, identity, community service, advocacy, and more. Student organizations create spaces where students can engage in activities that promote personal growth, develop leadership skills, and build community.

Xem xổ sốHLS recognizes the vital contributions that student organizations make to the quality of life of law students and offers support for student leaders in developing initiatives that engage students. Student organization resources, policies, and procedures are available below.

Resources for Student Organizations

Resources for Student Organizations



HLS Event Scheduling Update

Please note that, due to COVID-19, HLS is not holding any events on campus at the moment and that our EMS room reservation system is not accepting any new reservations at this time. The duration of this hold is uncertain but this message will be updated as the situation changes. Please review our guidance for virtual events here.

Xem xổ sốIn-person meetings on or off campus between or among members of student organizations for organizational business, organization-sponsored community building activities, or any other organization-sponsored activities, are not permitted.

Xem xổ sốIn addition to raising equity and public health concerns, in-person student interactions may subject those involved to additional medical testing and reporting requirements.