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HLS Faculty in the News

HLS Faculty in the News

Cuba’s ‘uncertain future’

July 19, 2021

Xem xổ sốHarvard Law Today recently reached out to Visiting Professor Rafael Cox Alomar ’04 to learn more about what is behind recent protests in Cuba, the Biden administration’s response, and whether there is likely to be a lasting impact.

July 14, 2021
Is the U.S. in a cyber war?

Xem xổ sốHarvard Law Today recently spoke with homeland security expert Juliette Kayyem ’95 about what the U.S. can do to deter future ransomware attacks.

July 14, 2021
Paying tribute

Retiring faculty Betsy Bartholet and Jerry Frug are celebrated by former students.

July 8, 2021
‘In many parts of the country, the Voting Rights Act’ is ‘close to a dead letter’

Xem xổ sốHarvard Law Professor Nicholas Stephanopoulos recently spoke with Harvard Law Today about the Supreme Court's recent decision in Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee, options for advocates moving forward, and the future of the Voting Rights Act.

July 7, 2021
Petrie-Flom Center announces new research initiative on psychedelics law and regulation

Xem xổ sốThe Petrie-Flom Center at Harvard Law School has announced a new research initiative, the Project on Psychedelics Law and Regulation, to promote safety, innovation, and equity in psychedelics research, commerce, and therapeutics.

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